Jan 2020: Having retired in Jan. 2018, I am dedicating more of my time to my love of wines and the stories behind them.  I continued my food and wine explorations in 2019 with a 10 week trip to Portugal and Italy. I traveled all around Umbria, Tuscany and the Algarve (Portugal).  I visited several winemakers 1:1  while in Italy, so check out my reviews here.  The wine regions of Portugal are further north than my travel plans so….

I made a 2nd trip to The Algarve in late ’19/early ’20 and returned to the US with the decision to move there full time!  I know, exciting right?  There are so many wineries to explore in several of the microclimates of Portugal. I can’t wait to start.  I also look forward to the food and wine festivals and conferences held annually in Europe.

March 2020: Ok, well plans can change and COVID-19 has upended everyones lives this year. While I await making the move later this year, I continue to taste and sample wines while learning Portuguese.  #staysafe #stayhome

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