’08 Renteria Cabernet Sauvignon

I have beautiful rose bushes at home and this wine smells a lot like them.  The florals are the first thing you experience with this wine.  It’s like when you hug a friend that is wearing perfume.  This wine greets you, just like that.

By now you know I like a more med-heavy bodied wine.  When I taste this Cab it is a bit light on the body but given it’s summer right now this a nice compliment to what you may be cooking up.  I checked with the winery’s descriptor and they call it a big bold Cab but I don’t get that sense.  It does have a very nice body and would be a great wine for a backyard BBQ of tri- tip steaks served with flavored butters, maybe some burgers with pepper jack cheese and a great tri-color pasta salad.

Summer does come and go fast so get out there and enjoy a nice glass (or 2) of this Cab.   I give it a 9.5/10

http://www.renteriawines.com/  ~$32.00

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